World’s Tallest Cookie Tower

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The World Record of ‘largest cookie tower’ has been achieved by the Woodrush High School of Wythal, Worcesterchire, UK.

The record was created by the joint efforts of the students and staff of the school. The height of the tower was 1.89 meters and was made using a total of (Eleven Thousand Five Hundred) 11,500 cookies. The cookies that were used to make the tower were donated by Tesco. The record was set to highlight the importance of the principles of maths, science and engineering behind the tower.

Previous World Record:

The World Record of ‘tallest cookie tower’ was achieved by the team of Girl Scouts of Nasau County of USA. The length of the tower was 1.83 meters and was created at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York, USA.

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