Procedures and Guidelines

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General Rules of Golden Book of Records

    • GBWR does not promote or accept attempts or records that can potentially lead to any kind of destruction or harm to property, health, morality or general well-being of an individual/organization/society.

    • Approval or disapproval of any attempt and certification will be wholly and solely the decision of the GBWR team.

    • We accept online claims and registrations of record attempts but in some cases for completing the certificate varification process, the attempter has to send all the required documents at the GBWR office address.

    • Record approval and certification process may take 1-12 weeks as per instant recognition/fast processing/normal processing.

    • All the documents should be duly signed by all the witnesses.

  • At least 2 witnesses should be present at the time of record attempting.

  • Witness information should be sent along with all evidence proof.

  • GBWR team member need not to be mandatorily present at the time of attempting a record. However, the authenticity of the record should be properly taken care of by having either an adjudicator/s or/and witness/es at the record attempt location.


Claiming Record Procedure

  • Record Claiming Material should be emailed; clearly mentioning the Claim ID, Applicant’s Name, Address and Contact Details.

  • The processing charge for claiming the Record is U.S. $ 75 per claim for Individual Records, U.S. $ 175 per claim for Organizations & Institutions and U.S. $ 250 per claim for Corporates & Government.

  • The charge for inviting a Records Management Judge (RMJ) for on-the-spot/instant recognition is additional $ 175 per day for every record attempt. If stay is more than 24 hours then addition 50 $ per day is to be paid. However, in case of mass records, the Record Management and recognition charges depend on the number of participants attempting the mass record since there can be more than one RMJ present at the record attempt. It will be mandatory for the record attempter/attempters or the sponsors of the record event to bear the travel and accommodation of the RMJ as per the norms specified by The Golden Book of World Records.

  • We accept online claims and registrations of record attempts. For completing the certification process, the attempter has to send/mail duly filled Record Application form/Record Claim Form, Few Photographs related to record, Video of record attempt and media coverage (if available) at

  • Pen Drive/ Hard Drive submitted as evidence can be sent with clearly mentioning the attempter name, record attempted, address and contact number.

  • At least two witnesses should be present at the time of attempting the record.

  • The complete details about all witnesses should be enclosed with the claim documents.

  • All the documents should be duly signed by all the witnesses.

  • Claimed Record approval and certification may take 30-45 days.

  • Failure to produce any of the required documents can lead to the rejection of the record claim.

  • Documents and material submitted to GBWR is supposed to become property of GBWR and GBWR is under no obligation to return any kind of claim materials/documents back to the attempter.

  • Claim will be accepted and approved after the complete process of claim verification.

  • Approval and certification will be published only after the complete process of attempt verification.

Inviting a Record Management Judge (Adjudicator)

  • GBWR team must be notified one month prior to the date of the record attempt for sending an RMJ (adjudicator) at the attempt location.

  • Travel and accommodation of the RMJ (adjudicator) will be the responsibility of the record attempter individual/organization or sponsor/s if any.

  • If the record attempt is successful, the RMJ (adjudicator) can give on-the-spot certification subject to his/her complete satisfaction. In case of on-the-spot certification attempts, the approval will be solely depend on the satisfaction of the RMJ (adjudicator).

Evidence Required

  • Cover Letter (Fill all the information about your attempted record).

  • Record Participants details with their photograph and signature.

  • The complete detail about all witness with their photograph and signature

  • Video Footage.

  • High-quality color photographs.

  • Media Coverage, if any (Audio/video/print/electronic)



Category Wise Rules

Biggest and Smallest

  • Object of the record can be anything living or nonliving being as well as natural or man made article.
  • The size of object should be smaller or bigger than the average size of the object.
  • Object should be big/small enough so that it can be considered as record.


Plants and Animals

  • Natural or human influenced plants or animals with some distinction can be record.
  • Both tamed as well as untamed animals can be considered in this category.
  • Any thing remarkable or extraordinary in plants or animals like number, height, width, weight, size, shape etc. can be claimed as record.


Mass Record

  • The participants of record may be unlimited but must be minimum 150 for a new record.
  • Proper timeline should be kept in mind while attempting a record.
  • Sitting/standing arrangement of participants should be proper so that they can be precisely counted through any particular accepted method.
  • The attempt must take place at a location in some place which is open for all.
  • Record attempts must take place in restricted areas with clearly marked and controlled entrances and exits. Indoor attempts must take place in a room designated for the attempts, and outdoor attempts must be secured by some physical barriers.
  • A clear signal should be given and then all participants must start their activity simultaneously/in relay.
  • A clear signal should be given at the end of the performing the record.
  • A sufficient number of witnesses must be on hand to make sure that each participant performed properly, and groups of participants should be organized to make sure that witnesses can see all participants in their group clearly.
  • Every participant counted who is within the barriers of the attempt area must fully participate in the attempt.
  • At least two independent witness statements must confirm the exact and final figure of the total participants and attest that all guidelines were followed during the attempt.


Unique Record

  • There must be some uniqueness in the event or object to be claimed as record under this category.
  • The object to be claimed as record should be first of its kind.
  • Claimant need to give a proof that the article or piece of art is his/her own property.



  • The collection of anything should be at least more than 200 in numbers. Further it depends on type of collected materials.
  • Collected item should be countable.
  • Collection of any thing can be considered as a record regardless of its size, shape, price, usefulness, importance or value etc.
  • All the collected material should be in good condition. Broken/torn items will not be counted in the collection.



  • The participant should show resilience or stamina which is extra-ordinary and shows strength and capability beyond the capacity of a normal human being.
  • Attempt must not harm any of the audience watching the record attempt.
  • A registered medical practitioner must present during the record attempt.


Young Achievers

  • The kids who are under 18 will be considered in Young Achievers category
  • Proof of age must be submitted along with the record claim.
  • Record claim form must be duly signed by the guardian along with the attempter of the record.
  • Task attempted should not harm the children physically or physiologically.


Achievement & Initiatives

  • Any achievements which are remarkable can be considered under this category of record.
  • Any social, regional or organizational initiative which have been taken for welfare.
  • If some thing new or good is done for the first time then it can be considered under this category of record.


One Minute Miracle

  • The task should be completed in 1 minute.
  • The time should be kept using an electronic stop-watch. An experienced timekeeper must keep the time of the attempt with a
    a digital stopwatch. The timekeeper must provide a statement confirming the accuracy of the timed event.
  • In case of an event where many participants are attempting the record, a big wall clock with visible seconds display can be used.
  • A loud start and finish signal recognized by participant and audience must be used.
  • Photographic and video evidence must be provided. The entire attempt must be visible on video.

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