Most Push ups in Six Hours

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The World Record of ‘most push ups in six hours’ has been achieved by Sanjay Singh from Barauli-Palwal, Haryana, India.

On Jul 25, 2018; Sanjay performed Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Three (15823) push-ups in Five hours Fourteen minutes.

Bhartiya Gau Kranti Manch supported the feat organized at Uttar Kashi.


Previous World Record:

The World Record of performing ‘most push-ups in six hours’ was achieved by Mr. Kuldeep Saini from Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh, India. On Jun 21, 2017; Mr. Kuldeep performed Ten Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Two (10832) pushups in six hours. World Record was achieved during celebration of International Yoga Day organized by Patanjali Yogpeeth and Bharat Swabhiman at Ahmedabad.

The World Record of ‘most push ups in six hours’ was achieved by Mr. Bob Helms from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. On Oct 25, 2016; Mr. Helms performed Six Thousand Three (6003) push ups in Six hours.

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