Most Decorated Birds Nest

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The World Record of ‘most decorated birds nest’ has been achieved by Vogelkop bowerbird from New Guinea and Indonesia.

Vogelkop bowerbirds are known for the construction of a wigwam style bower by the male. Male bowerbirds construct and decorate bowers in order to attract a mate. The bower of the male Vogelkop bowerbird is a complex hut-like structure, generally known as a maypole bower as it is built around a central sapling tree trunk.


The roof is usually made out of epiphytic orchid stems, and the whole construction can be up to 1.5 metres in height and 2 metres in diameter. The central pole of the bower is covered in moss, and this extends out to form a lawn in front of the bower. This lawn is then decorated by the male with neat piles of attractive objects, including brightly coloured fruits and flowers and pieces of charcoal. Red, blue, black and orange coloured items are particularly favoured by the Vogelkop bowerbird.

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