Longest String of Bottle Caps

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The World Record of ‘longest string of bottle caps’ has been achieved by the students of Ambrosoli Interntational School from Kisementi, Kabalagala, Ethiopia.

In the record breaking fest on April 3, 2012, total number of caps used in making the chain were Thirty Thousand Six Hundred Six (30606). The record was created by a team of four boys from the school namely Vianney D’Aboville, Emmett Parkerson, Oliver Stewart and Toby Smith. These boys had been collecting such bottle caps from the age of nine. The record breaking bottle caps were used from the bottle’s of the companies Fat Boyz, Just Kickin and Endiro Coffee.

Previous World Record:

The World Record of ‘longest string of bottle caps’ was achieved by the students and teachers of Seaview School, Linwood, New Jersey, USA on May 21st, 2011. The total number of bottle caps in the chain was 10,174.

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