Longest line of Pizzas

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The World Record of ‘longest line of pizzas’ has been jointly achieved by The Van Duzer Foundation and the St. Lucie County Education Foundation from Fort Pierce, Florida, United States of America (USA).

Both the organizations joined together to make a line of pizzas which measured 541.8 meters (almost 1778 feet). There were Eighteen Thousand (1800) pizzas, each of 12” diameter which was used to make the longest line of Pizzas.GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.gbwr

Previous record:

The previous world record of the longest line of pizzas was achieved by Tamburino Restaurant (UK) at the Quedam Shopping Centre, Yeovil, United Kingdom, on June 29, 2008. The line consisted of 2,129 pizzas and the length of the line was 476.7 meters (1,564 feet).

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