Largest Wetland

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The World Record of ‘largest wetland’ has been achieved by Panjin Red Beach from Panjin, Liaoning, China.

It spans over 51 square miles of coastal land. The soil is incredibly saline. Panjin Red Beach lies on the Shuangtaizi River estuary, just outside of Panjin city. Red Beach is famous for its landscape featuring the red plant of Seepweed (Suaeda salsa of the Chenopodiaceae family). Seepweed needs the saline conditions to grow. The seepweed matures in autumn then its leaves turn a deep red colour. Entire Panjin Red Beach is covered with it hence many Chinese people have dubbed it ‘red carpet beach’. The entire wetland is considered a protected area, as it’s also home to more than 260 varieties of birds and around 400 species of wildlife.


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