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The World Record of ‘largest library’ in the world has been achieved by the British Library from London, UK (United Kingdom).

British Library is also the national library of the United Kingdom. The total number of books/informational items in this library is 170000000 (One Hundred Seventy Million). The total number of visitors in this library is about 1.75 Million per year. The library adds about 3 Million information items to its collection every year. The total staff of the library is about 2000. The library was established on July 1, 1973 following the British Library Act of 1972.

Previous Record:

The World Record ‘largest library’ in the world was achieved by the Library of Congress located in Washington, DC, USA. The total number of books/informational items in the library is about 152 Million attracting about 1.75 million visitors per year.

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