Largest Collection of Objects with the Digit 786

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The World Record of collecting ‘largest number of objects with the digit 786’ has been achieved by Mr. N. Krishnamoorthy from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
As on Oct 8, 2013; Mr. Krishnamoorthy has collected 990 objects with digit 786 in 117 different categories. Collection contains various items like currency notes, railway tickets, bus tickets, PAN card form, lottery ticket, hotel receipt, donation receipt, lock, key, cheque number, railway reservation slip, recharge coupons, mobile number, loan application form number, railway pass, SIM card number, courier slips and much more things.
Previous World Record:
The World Record “Unique Collection of Various Items with 786 Series” has been achieved by Mr. Ranchod Sethiya from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Mr. Sethiya has collected 7860 currency notes, motor bike with registration number 786, mobile numbers, pad lock, bank locker number, bowl and 22 demand drafts of INR 786 with DD number 786 payable at branch code of 786.

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