Largest Collection of Lord Ganesha in Various Forms

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The World Record of Collecting ‘Lord Ganesha in various forms’ has been achieved by Mr. Pabsetti Shekhar from Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

As on November 30, 2013; Mr. Pabsetti Shekhar has collection of 15253 (Fifteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Three) Idols, 18342 (Eighteen Thousand Three Hundred Forty Two) Photographs, 1096 (One Thousand Ninety Six) Posters, 164 (One Hundred Sixty Four) Books, 154 (One Hundred Fifty Four) Audio/Video Cassettes and 178 (One Hundred Seventy Eight) Key Rings of Lord Ganesha.

In the collection; Lord Ganesha in various forms are made up from various materials like Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, precious stones, Terracotta, Crystal, Glass, Bi-metal, Betel-Nuts, Ivory, Coral, Granite, Soap Stone, Marble, Black Stone, Tiger Stone, Sand Stone, POP, plastic, paper, different Types of Clays, Variety of stones and various types of Woods like Sandle Wood, Teak Wood, Bamboo Wood, Rose Wood, Baster Wood, White Gilledu Wood etc.

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