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What is on the spot official Golden recognition?

Official Golden Book of World records recognition is a process, by which a Record Management Judge from the Golden Book of World Records team certifies the record attempt and recognizes it in front of the public and media which is present at the time of the attempt. Records Management Judge (RMJ) is an official representative of the Golden Book of World Records and has the authority to judge the record attempt and certify it so that the Golden Book of World Records official recognizes the attempt. The endorsement of such an RMJ is final and above any kind of dispute.

Can we invite a Records Management Judge?

Yes, a Record Management Judge (RMJ) can be invited to your record attempt with a prior invitation. It should be noted that since there are numerous record attempts and events going round the clock in various parts of the world all the time, it is difficult for the Golden Book of World Records team to be able to respond for such a request instantly. We will be notifying you regarding the availability of a Record Management Judge within 3‐4 weeks from the day of your request. The availability of an RMJ can be confirmed with us by e‐mail.

Are there any advantages to invite a Record Management Judge?
There are many advantages of inviting a Record Management Judge.
• Instant verification
• On the spot recognition
• Authentication of the record event
• Creation of goodwill
• Positive publicity

Does the Golden Book of World Records provide the successful record attempter with promotional material along with the Official Recognition Certificate?

For a charge of $20, the Golden Book of World Records provides:
• Golden Book of Records T‐Shirt
• Golden Book of Records wall sticker & car Sticker
• Golden Book of Records official Badge
• Along with these, personalized recognition certificate can also be made on a nominal extra charge

Can a record attempter use the logo of Golden Book of World Records for the promotion of his/her event?

The record attempter can use the registered Logo of Golden Book of World Records as well as Word-mark for the promotion of any record attempt event for a stipulated period of time as agreed by Golden Book of World Records policy. However, a prior written permission is needed to do the same along with a defined scope for the use of the Golden Book of World Records logo. Failure to do so can result into legal action as violation of copyright.

Is the process of Records Judgment different for mass records?

The process of record management is a little more comprehensive for mass records. A prior permission three months in advance is required along with the details of the record attempt. The Golden Book of World Records does not promote, entertain or accept attempts or records that can potentially lead to any kind of destruction or harm to property, health, morality or general well‐being of an individual/organization/society.

If there is an organization involved in attempting a record, a prior memorandum of understanding is required between the concerned organization and Golden Book of World Records. Since the number of Records Management Judges that would be required for mass records would be more, the process of sending RMJs to the record attempt venue takes a little longer than for individual record attempts.

How much is the charge for inviting a Records Management Judge?

The charge for inviting a Records Management Judge is $175 for every record attempt. However, in case of mass records, the Record Management and recognition charges depend on the number of participants attempting the mass record since there can be more than one RMJ present at the record attempt. It will be mandatory for the record attempter/attempters or the sponsors of the record event to bear the travel and accommodation of the RMJ as per the norms specified by The Golden Book of World Records.

Does the record attempter have to submit all the relevant documents to the RMJ if he/she is personally present at the venue of the record attempt?

Yes, the record attempter/attempters have to submit all the relevant credentials as demanded by the Record Management Judge. The RMJ can make a few exceptions but as a general rule, record attempters are advised to submit all the documents unless told not to do so.

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