Fastest Reverse Writing in a Minute

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The World Record of ‘fastest reverse writing in one minute’ has been achieved by J K. Prathikshana (15 years 08 months 23 days) from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

On Sep 26, 2020; Prathikshana (daughter of Ms. J. Kanchana & Mr. C. Jagadeesan) has written One Hundred Eighty Eight (188) alphabets in reverse writing in one minute.

Previous world record:

The World Record ‘fastest reverse writing in a minute’ was achieved by Ms. Shivani Kashyap (15 years) from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. As on Nov 04, 2012; during the programme Miracle of one; Ms. Kashyap penned down One Hundred Thirty (130) alphabets of a poem in reverse with left hand in a minute.

# Young Achiever: Woman

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