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Largest Mass Marriage Ceremony of Differently Abled Persons

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Largest Mass Marriage Ceremony of Differently Abled Persons

The World Record of ‘largest mass marriage ceremony of differently abled persons’ has been jointly achieved by Collector and District Administration from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.

On Mar 12, 2020; One Hundred Twenty Two (122) differently abled persons got married in the mass wedding ceremony.

Program has been convened by Aanandak.

Set a Record

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Setting a Record

By becoming the Record holder of GBWR, you are taking on responsibility of becoming our Brand ambassador. We allow you to use the name & logo of GBWR and accept to appreciate and respect the brand.


Process of Approval of Record

To become a Golden Book of World Record holder; you can either set a new record or break an existing record. Following are the requirements to become a record holder of GBWR:

  • Prepare your self for the record and practice for final attempt.
  • Fill the form of GBWR and mail us at
  • After receiving your form, the team of GBWR would review it and give you acknowledgement of acceptance to attempt the record.
  • You can invite an adjudicator from GBWR (not mandatory)
  • Along with acknowledgement of acceptance you will receive record specific guidelines which you need to follow during attempting the record.
  • Attempt the records in accordance to the guidelines.
  • Send all the evidences to GBWR in case you have not invited an adjudicator. (you are supposed to email all the evidences)
  • If your record is approved, you would be provided the Certificate of GBWR.


Record Certification

Make your record-breaking experience event an unforgettable event. Use of the GBWR’s logo at your attempt can generate excitement and attention. You can freely use the GBWR logo in T-shirts, Banners, posters, handouts and media release with prior permission.

To acknowledge the World Record attempt by an official RMJ on the spot a provisional certificate is presented to the successful claimant after the verification of the claim. GBWR Provisional Certificate contains the details of the record including the name of the record holder, date and location of the record attempt. The certificate helps the record holder to demonstrate and publicize his/her world class achievement.

GBWR also provides extra Certification facility, which enables record holder to order ‘duplicates of the original standard certificate’. These standard extra certificates with the seal of approval of GBWR can be presented on site of record attempt by an official adjudicator or sent to the record holder afterwards.

GBWR also offers ‘Personalized Certificate’ in case of mass attempt. Personalized Certificate enables record holders to order an edited version of the standard certificate. These personalized extra certificates (coordination/ Participation) enable record holders to include his/her name as well as some other information as requested and approved by GBWR. Thus all those who coordinated/participated in the successful record attempt can have their name on an official Personalized GBWR Certificate.

Please click here to download a record application form. You have to take a print out of this form, fill it manually and send us a scanned copy. Once you’ve filled out the form completely you can submit it by sending an email to

Incomplete forms may be rejected so try to fill all the details to the best of your knowledge.

After you’ve attempted the record you’ll need to fill the records claim form and send an email to The claim has to be supported by all required evidences. Please click here to download the Records Claim Form.